Why MSc in Business Management?

  • Master's degree in British study programme
  • Perfect Business English knowledge as all the subjects are taught in English
  • British diploma recognized in all member states of the EU
  • Managers and entrepreneurs as teachers
  • Free course materials
  • Enrollment either in Brno or Prague
  • Flexible study options - easy to coordinate the studies with your job or other study commitments

Theory put into practice

NO SENSELESS CRAMMING ANY MORE! Are you afraid of hours and hours of learning something that is not usable in practice? This is not our case! Learning process is comprised of minimum necessary literature, which is completely free. According to requirements from our students, graduates and employers, this program covers modern popular fields of practice. You can look forward to strategic purchasing, project management or e-business. And what’s more, our teachers are mostly managers and entrepreneurs with long-time experience in international teaching


Subjects only in English 

STOP YOUR FEAR OF COMMUNICATION IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE! In this modern age, English language is widely used all around the world and for smooth communication is a must, especially for managers. Just imagine being a part of international business meeting or business call. Studies in English refresh your practical Business English vocabulary and you will learn how to argue for/against and successfully conduct business dealings!

Aren't you sure about your English level? Try our MINI QUIZ here!

Evaluation based on seminar papers

NO EXAM STRESS! British study model perfectly fits in this practical field of study. There are no stressful exams at the end of semester! We evaluate your work for the whole semester. Cornerstones in this manner are team work and partial written exams (assignments) focused on solving real tasks, which came out of student’s ideas.

Business plan during your studies

IF PRACTICE... THEN START YOUR OWN BUSINESS! You can choose the topics of your seminar papers on your own - use it then! Are you thinking about starting your own business? Do you find it useful to write about the things which will help you in your job? It is up to you! Moreover, our teachers are experienced managers - they will provide you with a valuable feedback!

Individual study plan

EASY COORDINATION OF STUDIES WITH A JOB OR OTHER COLLEGE! Classes run in combination of full-time studies and distance learning. It means 1 weekend seminar per 2 months, 5-6 seminars in total (academic year) + self-study, consultations with lecturers (in person, in group or electronically – it depends on student’s choice) and finished assignments. Standard study course lasts two and a half year. There is a possibility to make it shorter (2 years) or even to make it longer (3-5 years) – according to student’s requirements. We advocate an individual approach and interactive workflow. In case of serious problems, when you will not be able to finish your studies, you will receive “Leaving Award” (british lower level diploma). Dates of classes are fixed and established in advance, thus you are able to make your schedule and coordinate the studies with your job or other study commitments.

Payment in installments and discounts

AFFORDABLE PRIVATE UNIVERSITY! Do you like the course of study and our philosophy of classes, but you do not have enough money for paying private school? No worries, there is no need to crash your piggy bank. We offer you individual payment schedule. Use our financially and administrative easy “loan” or significant discounts when the subjects from your previous studies are accepted. Do not forget, your investment to education will return to you in your future employment.


  • Programme Handbook (link here)
  • Price list and discounts (link here)
  • Test your knowledge of STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT (MINI TEST)

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